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Why Choose Orick Stamping?

With the use of advanced leadership techniques and teamwork we strive to meet customer expectations.  Our goal is to deliver total customer satisfaction through total quality culture.  Our various capabilities and products include stamping, assembly, and multiple welding processes.  Allow us to demonstrate what sets us aside from the competition.


Metal Stamping

A wide range of stamping capabilities makes us an ideal candidate for all stamped components.  Our standard stampings include drawn cups, outer metal bushings, center bearing brackets, and varying styles of brackets and plates for suspension, sub-frame, and other driveline components.


Welding & Assembly

Utilization of state-of-the-art controls, integrated systems, and robotics to MIG Weld and Resistance Weld stamped and purchased components.  We also offer a range of robust and error proofed assembly operations including press type staking of fasteners and components, plastic heat staking, and rubber insert assembly.  We are always up for new and challenging assembly operations to add to our growing capabilities.



Our main focus has been the Automotive Industry and mainly NVH/anti-vibration components for the Tier 1 customer base.  We have also served the Heavy Truck, Appliance, and Agricultural Industries and are always looking for the next industry we can support to add to our growing portfolio.

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